A hummingbird is symbolic because it has the largest heart for it's body size!I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner and have noticed great results with this type of healing. The Emotion Code is a healing technique created by a chiropractic doctor named Bradley Nelson to release blocks to health, prosperity, and well-being. This new system uses muscle testing (which is a way of finding out answers from ones subconscious) to discover whether a person has any heart walls, hidden heart walls, trapped emotions, or inherited emotions to release. Sometimes, there can be a group of emotions around a traumatic event in a person's life, such as a car accident, divorce or past abuse that can set up a reoccurring pattern of hardship, pain, and unhappiness. The heart walls around those events are released and cleared so that a new path can be taken. Basically, it is a way of letting go and releasing a lot of old baggage! 
For more information on the Emotion Code visit Bradley Nelson's website:
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