A relaxing scene of the ocean and sunset, a perfect spot and feeling for an energy healing or psychic clairvoyant reading. Spiritual Response Therapy is a supportive spiritual method that heals subconscious blocks from this life and past lives.  It gets to the root of the problem whatever it may be. The answers are found by connecting with Spirit (a higher power), asking questions and using charts, and then clearing the stuck or discordant energies. A pendulum is also used as a tool to clear the energies and to do the research. Once enough information is known the practitioner asks Spirit to clear the lower vibrational energies or any old programs, blocks, or vows that have been made (eg. one of poverty). The lower vibrational energies are replaced with higher energies such as love, joy, peace, and self esteem. The energy shift is noticeable in this type of healing and worth it!  
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