A relaxing scene of the ocean and sunset, a perfect spot and feeling for an energy healing or psychic clairvoyant reading. During a healing session I connect with Spirit and ask that higher guides and healing angels are present to assist in the healing.  I see intuitively and clairvoyantly what has happened and where the pain, injury, or trauma has occurred.  If appropriate I will find out what emotional blocks there are so that they can be cleared and released. 
 I also offer energy clearing called Spiritual Response Therapy which clears subconscious blocks and  programs.  It gets to the root of  things whatever it may be to clear old patterns. The answers are found by connecting with Spirit, using charts to gather information and then clearing the stuck or discordant energies.  The lower vibrational energies are then replaced with higher energies such as gratitude, love, peace, and joy. 
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