I grew up in a spiritually open family and feel grateful to be able to participate in various healing techniques that my parents were either teaching or hosting at the time. Some of these that have changed my life for the better are Family Constellations, Breath-Work, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Psychic Surgery and Spiritual Response Therapy. This started me on the healing path at a young age. I remember often praying to God and angels for guidance and protection. I met different teachers along the way who guided and encouraged me to use my intuitive gifts. One of them passed on his knowledge of a healing technique called Spiritual Response Therapy as well as how to use a pendulum to clear energy. While learning this technique, I began seeing visions including past lives, and had other spiritual experiences that led me to continue this type of work and to offer regular clairvoyant readings. I am also a trained Emotion Code practitioner for the past ten years.  The healing work I do follows a shamanic path and calls on Spirit and higher healing beings and Angels to support, guide, and heal. 
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