I am an intuitive channel that offers clairvoyant readings as well as energy healing  in person or at a distance. I use a healing technique called the Emotion Code as well as Spiritual Response Therapy to bring about inner transformation and lasting change. The Emotion Code and SRT work  well together to heal emotional trauma so that patterns are healed and aren't repeated.  During an intuitive reading I connect with Spirit and pass on the information I receive as well as answer questions a client may have related to relationships, career, life direction, past lives etc. The questions a person may have can lead to a path of further searching and deeper healing. The messages I receive are shown through the psychic senses such as: clear hearing (clairaudience), clear seeing (clairvoyance), clear feeling(clairsentient)and clear knowing (claircognizance) and are helpful, uplifting, and supportive. Afterwards, clients say they feel better, lighter, clearer, and more at peace.
I am available by phone, email or in person(in the Eugene, OR area) and can be reached at: 541-790-9061. Blessings!
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