My name is Meadoe J. Nyberg and I am an Intuitive reader, empath and Energy Healer. I offer psychic intuitive readings as well as Emotion Code Healing and Spiritual Response Therapy.  During an Intuitive Reading I seek to get to the heart of  the matter in order to offer helpful and supportive guidance. I connect with Spirit as well as utilize the psychic senses to receive answers. Some of the psychic senses that assist me in giving guidance are: clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and, clairsentience (clear feeling) to offer clear assistance and answers. As an empath I am able to feel what others are feeling and to step in their shoes. Clients have said that they feel better after a reading, clearer about what is troubling them, and what actions to take to improve a situation. The Emotion Code is a wonderful and effective way to release any blocks a person may have to moving forward in their life. It involves muscle testing to find answers and once the information is brought to the surface from one's subconscious the emotions that are holding a person back are released.  A session will enable a person to let go of heart walls that have built up to good health, healthy relationships, a successful career, and anything else that is preventing a happy life. 
If you have any questions about the work I do or would like to book an appointment call 541-653-9076 or fill out the form below. Blessings!
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