Niagara Falls with Moon image-pinterest.  A peaceful scene for a clairvoyant psychic reading. Hello!..and welcome to my website! I offer intuitive readings and connect with higher guides and angels to receive helpful and supportive guidance.  The messages I receive are relayed through the psychic senses: clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing) clairsentience (clear feeling) and  claircognizance (clear knowing). The information and messages that come through are uplifting, helpful, and bring clarity to a person's path and life direction.  Clients come with all sorts of questions related to relationships, health, career, or whatever else is on their mind and in their hearts!

I also use a healing technique called  Spiritual Response Therapy to bring about inner transformation and change.  Lastly, i'm trained in the Emotion Code healing technique to release heart walls and past trauma.
I am available by phone, email or in person and can be reached at:
541-790-9061 or [email protected]
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