Niagara Falls with Moon image-pinterest.  A peaceful scene for a clairvoyant psychic reading. I am a psychic intuitive channel who offers readings by phone or in person (in the Eugene, Oregon area). The information that I receive comes through the psychic senses. I see and feel what is  going on and what will be the most probable outcome. However, the future can change as we have free choice to direct it.  Nothing is written in stone but I am usually quite accurate in my predictions.  The main psychic senses that I use are called: clairaudience (clear hearing with the inner mind), clairvoyance (clear seeing with the inner mind or third eye) clairsentience (clear feeling with the physical body) claircognizance (clear knowing about what is true) and  clairempathy (sensing or feeling others' emotions).  Questions may be asked about health, relationships, past lives, career or life direction, there are no limits!  I am here to listen and support you in your next direction and to bring clarity on your path. I hope to support, guide and assist you with truth and love.

I also offer guided energy healing sessions and Emotion Code healing either in person or at a distance. 
I am available by phone, email or in person and can be reached at:
541-790-9061 or connectingwithangels@live.com
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